Engrave a Memories on Your Crystal Photo

Some of life’s most memorable moments are just too sweet to ever be forgotten. Whether it s an anniversary birthday, graduation or any other milestone, a crystal photo frame makes a wonderful heirloom gift. At ArtPix, handcrafted crystal photo frames are made with the best quality of optical crystals that have been carefully and accurately machined, polished and sealed with a UV resistant laminate. They are elegant yet durable, a true heirloom investment that will last with you for a lifetime.

ArtPix crystal photo blocks are easy to use, they are simple to engrave with your favorite artwork and they are so affordable. All orders are shipped flat packed in individual boxes. You may choose an engraving style that is pre-drilled with a laser engraved message or simply write your own message on the glass block using a pen or pencil. Most messages are located inside a clear protective window that will not alter the appearance of the crystal photo block once it has been placed in the glass viewer. Some message engraving styles are available in four colors, light, dark, ultra dark and night light.

Using a crystal photo block to create a portrait format photograph is simple and easy. First, place the crystal photo block in the back of a standard picture frame. Next, select a background color. Next, select a portrait format option from the drop down menu. For example, there are several portrait formats available such as landscape, portrait, still life, still, celebrity, photojournalism and journalism.

The photograph is mounted onto the crystal photo block with a clear acrylic backing. Next, you can apply a luminous base shade onto the acrylic backdrop with a soft cloth or sponge. The luminous base enhances the depth of the scene while providing contrast for the photo. To add depth and shadow to a portrait photo, an optically applied translucent paint can be used. Depending on the intensity of the translucent paint, the effects could be completely lightened or highlighted.

Finally, you can use your crystal photo to engrave a personal message onto the glass. This is accomplished by placing the engrave over the photograph and running a brush over the surface of the glass. A high pressure air gun is used to heat up the acrylic material, which in turn breaks down the acrylic into microscopic particles. With this small dot of crystal, your message can now be written onto the glass block.

Engraving is commonly done on the top of the glass with most engravers having at least a moderate knowledge of the art of engraving. For those who would like to engrave a more complex pattern, there are also machine engraver and plate mounted engraved glass items available. These have the advantage of giving more precision as the workpiece moves over the glass surface. While there are numerous suppliers that sell crystal photo crystal for these purposes, it is best to check out local stores and retail outlets first for the best prices. Prices will vary depending on the supplier, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of the piece.